I'm confident that I can help you grow your business and revenue but don't just take my word for it!  

Read what my clients say about my work.

"Ashleigh helped me from the beginning to get my business off the ground. She was instrumental in working me through developing my business plan, talking me through the financials, and helping me form a document that I could take to a bank and be confident in getting financing.
Without Ashleigh, Adam Clark Fitness doesn't exist the way it does today. I had no previous business experience so having someone help me get it off the ground was HUGE.
Working with Ashleigh helped me become a better business owner because I was always just a technician, good at my craft but needed to develop better business skills. I learned a lot from her and can't recommend working with her enough!"

Adam Clark / Owner / Adam Clark Fitness

"Before Ashleigh’s help, I was manually doing everything to add new members to our coworking space; from sending a door code to accepting payment. It took me at least 15 minutes to do all the steps but thanks to her assistance, it is now a completely automated process.  It not only saved me countless hours of administrative work but helped us ensure we weren't missing monthly payments and improve our members' experience. I'm beyond grateful to have a system in place that doesn’t require me to constantly be checking my email in order to serve our members."

Lisa Liberatore / Community Manager / CoVort Coworking Space

"Ashleigh was very clear and precise with the information she gave me. She also went above and beyond by sending me additional information to use as a guide. I will definitely use her services again in the future.

I am more confident with the questions I need to ask when interviewing to get more valuable information from the person applying."

Chuck Downs / Owner / Bucksport Monumnets

"Ashleigh was my business advisor when I started my photography business. She
told me that a Customer Relations Management (CRM) program was one of the most important elements to setting up my business. If you grow, you need it to keep track of your customers and systems, and if you don’t grow, you won’t be in business. At the time, I didn’t want to spend the money on a CRM. I figured I could do it myself, and I did, until I started dropping balls all over the place. I couldn’t remember who paid me, who I had to call back, or details of a customer’s photo session. It effected how professionally I was perceived. Finally, I set up a CRM, and it’s a lifesaver, but more importantly, it’s a time saver. If you are a small business, and “doing it all”, you need a professionally set up customer relations management program to set yourself up for success, and Ashleigh is the professional to do it."

Danielle Pease / Owner | Photographer / Danielle Pease Photography