How We Support Your Growth


I highly recommend Ashleigh. She's a no nonsense, getter' done woman. There has been no problem we haven't worked through. Ashleigh has always gone above and beyond for Healing Numbers and in a very professional manner. If I were to describe Ashleigh, it would be knowledgable, conscientious, hard working, and caring, both personally and professionally.

~ Susan Coffin | Owner of Healing Numbers



Business Consulting
& Advising

Sometimes you just need a little extra help and support.  We've got your back and the experience to help you work through whatever problem you might have.

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Computer Tutorials
Quick Sync
Fractional COO

Your business is growing and you really could use two of you but you're not quite ready to bring on someone full time.  A Fractional COO helps you manage the operations of your business so you can focus on moving things forward.

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CRM Evaluation and Implementation

Increase your Customer Lifetime Value, improve your staff's workload and identify opportunities for increased sales.

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Startup Development Team
Virtual Team Meeting
Virtual Conference Production

Turning on your webcam and starting your presentation isn't the same as walking up to a podium and starting your presentation.  We'll give you the tools and guidance that will support you in delivering an event that will engage and develop rapport.

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